Myra McWethy

Quick Bio Facts:

Born:  Chicago, IL    January 3rd

Grew up in Bellwood, IL (7 years), Bradley, IL (10 years among the     corn fields!),  and Crystal Lake, IL (6 years)

Graduated: Bradley University, Peoria, IL with two B.S. Degrees - one in Theatre Arts, and  another in Public Relations/Journalism. Has a Master's Certificate in Creative Writing from UCLA.  Has a Master's Degree in "Critical and Creative Thinking" from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Interesting story:  Saw a guy sitting in the chair of a dorm room the first day I transferred to Bradley University from Rockford College.  Never spoke to the guy - really only saw him for 10 seconds.  Asked a friend who he was.  She said she hardly knew him, but she did know that his dad was a magician and that he had a funny last name.  She asked me why I wanted to know this information, and I said it was because I was going to marry that man.  And three years and a few days later, I did!  Still happily married 35 years later!!

Worked as a travel agent in the Neiman Marcus Store in Oakbrook, IL.
Taught Writing at: College of DuPage and Waubonsee College.  
Also taught Romance Writing Classes at various conferences around USA.
Substitute teacher for Santa Monica/Malibu School system.  
Taught in all schools, all grades, K-12!!

Have written for: The Chicago Tribune Travel Section, British Heritage Magazine, Roofer Magazine, among many others.  Corporate writing for AT&T.  Editor of The Chicago Dragon newsletter, and a contributing writer to the Actor's Alliance newsletter, On Stage. Freelance editor for American Institute of Research, a Washington, D.C. think tank.

Author of five produced plays.

Artistic Director of the Theatrical Fantastical Company.

Two children: Gordon & Brynn
Used to live in:  Northern Illinois
Have lived in Southern California since 1994.
Made my professional debut in "See How They Run" at Lamb's Players Theatre in 1996.
Made my first movie in 1997, "To Hell With Love."

Member of the Board of Directors of the Actors Alliance of San Diego.
Was asked to represent the Actor's Alliance of San Diego on the Marketing and Public Relations Board of the San Diego Performing Arts League in 1998-2002.
Became a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 2000.
Became a member of Equity in 2000.
Became a member of AFTRA in 2006.


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Up this summer, 2017:
"The Hoarder Talk Show"
San Diego Fringe Festival, June 22-July 2, in the Spreckles Theatre Building, downtown.
During Comic Con!
in the Spreckles "Geoffrey Black Box Theatre," downtown.
Wednesday, July 19 - Sunday, July 23rd.
See my "The Hoarder Talk Show" page at this site for more details!!!

I just finished my master's degree in Critical & Creative Thinking at the University of Massachuetts-Boston.
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