Myra McWethy

Dylan Murray
Theatrical Fantastical / Myra McWethy

The World Premier of:

"Jane, the Crazy"
Dylan Murray

Her mom and dad are the king and queen of Spain. Mom's died, and dad wants to secure his power, seeing his daughter, Jane, as a threat.  How can she convince him she doesn't want the throne?
Do what she does best: be crazy!
And having your coachman drag you and your dead husband's body around the country fits the bill.
A 45-minute physical comedy of deadly proportions!

Tom Andrew
During the San Diego Fringe Festival
June 22 - July 2
at the
Spreckles Theatre Building, 5th Floor
On Broadway, downtown San Diego

Fringe tag: $5
General Admission: $10

Note: at the 2016 Fringe Festival, playwright Dylan Murray presented the acclaimed "9:11 (pm)"